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- NPP «Opory machin» Ltd ( The Scientific-manufacturing company limited liability «Supports of machines») was created in 2002 by the collective of specialists ( from the former National Scientific-Research Institute) which worked for many years in area of perfection and increase of reliability of large-size bearing units (foremost for metallurgical equipment).
- We successfully develop and deliver the modernized units and special lip seals for metallurgical enterprises in Ukraine, Russia and some other countries. Using of this units and seals provide increasing of service life for rolling bearings and oil film bearings in rolling mills roll chocks, and provide decreasing of oils flour and grease consumption.
- We also develop and deliver custom manufacturing equipment (devices, special units) for metallurgical plants.
- We constantly cooperate with the leading machine-building enterprises of Ukraine and Russia (NKMZ, Kramatorsk, Ukraine, EZTM, Elektrostal, Russia, «SPZ GROUP» Samara, Russia) in developments of modern bearing and seal units for new and reconstructing heavy industry equipment.
- More concretely reports about our works and services are contented in the different special materials of this site.